Architectual   visualisations
Bathroom + furniture design
Mikogo online conference - the effective way of meeting online.

With Mikogo you see - through the internet - on your computer my desktop and my actions on it in real time as if you would look over my shoulder. There is no software required on your computer.
Only to talk through VoIP on the same line and to switch the presentation rights you need to install a plug-in. This does not require any registration from your side. Than you can show me plans, details, photos on your computer, which may explain your ideas better.
With Mikogo the progress of my work can be seen and discussed at any time. That gets you as closest as possible to the process of my work.

Through the implemented up- and download centre the file exchange is organized. You can upload information, templates and photos to house preview. Also house-preview puts the resulted plan, visualisation and animation files there for you to download. No more email hassle with large files and no postal sending of memory hardware is necessary. For using the up- and download centre you will get a user name and password trough e-mail from house preview.